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LED Frames

Lumo LED Frames

LED frames are eye-catchers in every room! The LED lighting in combination with a Samba Backlit fabric ensures a razor-sharp, evenly lit print. Make an image the shining centerpiece at trade fairs, in shops and in showrooms.

With a robust frame
The base of the LED frame is a robust aluminum frame, available in silver aluminum, or with a black or white powder coating. Due to the thickness of 55 mm, the frame is sturdy and can also stand freely. Of course you can also screw the frame to a wall.

Even light distribution for a powerful whole
The profile of the LED frame is combined with a Dibond® back plate. The LED strips are mounted on this plate, creating a perfect, even light distribution. This ensures a powerful and striking appearance of the print.

​In combination with Samba Backlit
The LED frame is combined with a Samba Backlit with string. We provide the canvas with 200% full color print, which means that we print two layers of ink on the canvas. You can easily fold this polyester fabric and easily order a separate print.

​Alternatives to LED frames
The mobile plastic Pixlip Go frames also work on the basis of LED lighting. You build these frames within five minutes for events and shop windows, for example. Prefer an unlit variant? Then the textile frame is very suitable!

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.