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Sustainable Solutions for a Sustainable Planet

At Lumosigns, we’re more than just a trade signage partner – we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. That’s why we’ve forged partnerships with leaders in sustainability like Ecologi and DHL Express. Together, we’re paving the way towards a greener future for sign companies worldwide. 

Our commitment to environmental stewardship begins with our partnership with Ecologi. By teaming up with this UK-based environmental organisation, we’re supporting reforestation projects that combat climate change. Trees are nature’s carbon-capturing champions, and through our contributions to Ecologi, we’re actively removing carbon pollution from the atmosphere. Take a journey through our Lumosigns Ecologi Profile to witness the transformative power of our donations: Ecologi Profile.

Here, you’ll see firsthand how each donation translates into tangible carbon offsetting and supports projects certified at the highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent. 

But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. Through our partnership with DHL Express, we’re revolutionising the way goods are transported.

DHL, as the world’s leading logistics company, sets the standard for sustainability in their industry. From last-mile delivery with e-vehicles to zero-emission bicycle deliveries in Germany, DHL is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. With 86% of their electricity sourced from renewable sources and over 100 million last-mile kilometers covered by e-vehicles, DHL is a true sustainability leader. 

As part of DHL’s GoGreen initiative, we’re leveraging their innovative green logistics solutions to make our supply chains more sustainable. DHL’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions extends to air freight, where they offer Carbon reduced Air Freight with GoGreen Plus. By using sustainable aviation biofuels on all trade lanes, we’re accelerating the transition to clean and sustainable air freight shipping. 

Together with DHL, we’re taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable supply chain. With their expertise and our shared commitment to sustainability, we’re driving meaningful change in the logistics industry. 

At Lumosigns, every order is a step towards a greener future. Join us on our journey towards environmental responsibility, where every choice we make today shapes a brighter tomorrow. 

For every order through Lumosigns, we will be taking the relevant steps towards a more sustainable future.

Together, we can make a difference.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.